What if storytellers could bring their creative visions to life as vividly as they imagine them, and on every screen?
What if content distributors were able to serve early adopters and legacy customers, and all with their existing infrastructure?
What if consumers could enjoy everything they watch in stunning HDR wherever they want, all the time?

At Technicolor, we make this possible. We believe that innovation is built on choice, and we believe that creativity is born out of freedom.
We stand for an open HDR future where all can participate, and where limitations do not apply. By standing together, we can liberate the future of storytelling.

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Drag slider to experience the deeper blacks and brighter whites that is Presented in Technicolor HDR.


Digital entertainment is about to be more dynamic, more vibrant and more lifelike than ever before. Watch to learn about the HDR revolution, and the role Technicolor is playing in making HDR content distribution a reality. Step into a brand new world of amazement!

Collaboration in the Industry is Key for HDR Success

Successful HDR adoption means extreme collaboration between the entire value chain. How does that work? Open innovation is the ultimate key to success and creating measurable industry standards.


HDR = For the masses, but what does that mean? Technicolor’s Mark Turner discusses why HDR should be made available for the entire entertainment ecosystem, from content creators all the way to content consumers.

We want to hear from you, so together we can create the open HDR future.